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Glass railing

The glass balustrades bring spaciousness and light to the rooms of your home. They can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Composed of safety and tempered glass, with clamps, fixed points, with continuous profile, with handrail or air glass.

It is an elegant and contemporary option for spaces that seek to maximize natural light and unobstructed views. This type of railing uses tempered or laminated glass panels, guaranteeing strength and safety, while offering a minimalist and sophisticated appearance. The transparency of glass allows for visual continuity that can make small spaces appear larger and connect the interior to the exterior without visual obstructions. Glass railings suit multiple environments, such as balconies, stairways and terraces, and can be customized with different types of brackets and hardware, ranging from discreet stainless steel brackets to recessed mounts for a cleaner look. In addition, maintenance is relatively simple, requiring only regular cleaning to maintain its brightness and clarity. This option not only improves the aesthetics of a property but can also increase its value.